Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

It's About English Text.

It’s About English Text!

In the text that’s surely had a genre, tenses, structure grammar, causative, conditional, functional skill, communicative purpose.
And now, i wanna give an example of english tex for you ;

Fatty came to visit Skinny and found him searching through his living room for something.
                “What are you looking for, Skinny?” Fatty asked.
                “Well, I bought a gold ring for my wife. But it fell out of my hands as I was showing it to John,” answered Skinny.
                “My wife is out visiting friends. I must find the ring before she gets home because it’s our anniversary. If I don’t find it, she will think I’ve forgotten and become angry with me. Could you please help me find it?”
                “Of course. Tell me, where were you when you lost it?”
                “I was in the front of yard,” Skinny said.               
                “If you were in the front of yard when you lost it, why are you looking it here?”
                “I was looking for it out there, but then it grew dark, so I came inside to look. The lighting is much better in here.”


  1. Genre                                                                           : Spoof
  2. Tenses                                                                         : Past tense
  3. Structure Grammar                                                        : Causative & Conditional Sentence
  4. Causative                                                                     : I must find the ring before she gets home because its our anniversary.
  5. Conditional                                                                   : If I dont find it, she will think Ive forgotten and become angry with me.
  6. Functional Skill                                                             : Asking for help (Could you please help me find it?)
  7. Communicative Purpose                                                : To entertain the reader whats the text about.

I wish that’s an article can be usefull for you all ☺☺☺